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History of the Company

1970 Paul Pfenninger and Conrad Rapp established the PaucoPlast company to work polyester materials in Erlenbach.
1973 The PaucoPlast partnership transferred to its new workshop in Meilen.
1973 First racing car built for Peter Sauber. The C-3 with fibreglass bodywork.
1981 The partnership becomes a joint stock company in AG form. The company now supplies compound fibre mouldings in all sizes to all kinds of industrial users.
1990 Transfer to the new building in Altendorf SZ. This move represented a huge boost to the performance of PaucoPlast AG by providing an ideal infrastructure.
1992 Production of the first Formula 1 bodywork for the Sauber C-12.
1996 Installation of the SCHOLZ autoclave. A hot air pressure furnace to harden chassis and bodywork components for Formula 1 racing cars, representing a significant quality enhancement.
2006 Installation of a second SCHOLZ autoclave in our workshop in november 2006.
2007 Staff enlargement and moving in into the new building extension in january 2007.

Takeover by CEO Philipp Schranz and COO Pascal Fazio.


PaucoPlast is new Technical Partner of the Sauber F1 Team.
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2014 Formerly known as PaucoPlast, Swiss Fibertec is the new name of the company