Automotive & Industry


Swiss Fibertec is specialised in manufacturing complex fiber components in small scale serial production, requiring high performance and high quality. Based on its racing legacy, Swiss Fibertec has carefully and progressively been opening up to business opportunities from other sectors. The ISO 9001 certification was a natural step in establishing itself as a premium partner in various sectors. This goes from supplying carbon fiber parts for exclusive hypercar manufacturers, to producing components in sector of sport vehicle tuning . Swiss Fibertec remains selective by serving customers that share the values of motorsport, performance and quality.


Based on its motorsport racing pedigree, Swiss Fibertec is constantly looking to diversify in areas where the racing legacy can add value. At Swiss Fibertec we believe in long-term partnerships with selective customers, where small scale production and uncompromised quality is a necessity. The nautical racing industry, the health industry, the robotic industry, the aerospace industry and the defence industry are some examples of sectors in which Swiss Fibertec can exploit its full potential while delivering at top-quality, always on-time. Swiss Fibertec constantly seeks to expanding its journey into new areas, new partnerships and new challenges.