Racing represents Swiss Fibertec’s true legacy. Since its inception in 1974, Swiss Fibertec (originally Paucoplast) has thrived in the racing sector, displaying half a century of continuous successful cooperation with the SAUBER racing team. Swiss Fibertec is proud to have manufactured carbon fiber components for Formula One Teams and other racing cars in different categories. For decades, Swiss Fibertec’s core values, have been the commitment in delivering on-time, on-quality in a flexible manner and always tailored to its customers’ needs. The years of experience have also lead to the selection of the best materials on the market, often excelling customers expectation. This accumulated experience has forged a company DNA based on lightning-quick response times and zero-default deliveries.

"Thank you again for your extraordinary effort and commitment this year. Your contribution was indispensable and is greatly appreciated."
Sauber Motorsport- Purchasing


When it comes to racing, we deploy a flexibility rarely seen in other industries. The entire supply chain needs to stay alert permanently, adapting to the varying needs from one race to another and ensuring deliveries prior to the next race. As a motorsport supplier, we always prepared to manufacture any specific carbon fiber component in an extremely limited time span and all this with no margin of error. Under such strict conditions, Swiss Fibertec has been manufacturing a variety of complex fiber components such as brake ducts, floors, wings and bodywork in the motorsport industry.