Quality Assurance

Quality as we breathe

Although we trust that the quality of our products is always top-level, quality assurance is a critical step to ensure the final products meet the required standards for safety, performance, and durability. We develop a comprehensive quality control plan that outlines inspection and testing procedures to be followed. We inspect all incoming materials for quality and compliance with specifications, certification documentation, and proper storage conditions. We monitor and control (documented) all aspects of the manufacturing process, and we conduct in-process inspections. Before delivering to our customers, we check each product in our quality assurance lab,

"We solicit customer feedback and seek continuous improvement of our processes and performance."

Quality Documentation

Traceability is a fundamental requirement for several customers so we track the source of materials, production dates, and the personnel involved in each stage of manufacturing. We maintain detailed records of all quality control activities, test results, inspection reports, and process parameters. These records provide a historical data collection of product quality. Similarly, we ensure and track that products have been manufactured in accordance with specific quality standards such as ISO 9001 or EN 9100. In case of defects, we typically perform a root cause analysis to prevent recurrence. Finally, we solicit customer feedback and seek continuous improvement in our processes and performance.

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